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To identify with NECT, you need:

  • A smartphone with the NECT app installed
  • A German, Spanish or Polish identity card or
  • A passport (various nations are possible)

1) First open the email “Invitation to a workflow – SIGN8” on your smartphone and click on “To workflow”.

2) Log in and confirm your contact details.

3) Now check the document to be signed and click on “Next”.

4) Then select “Continue to NECT” in the overview of identification methods.

5) Now scan the QR code or enter your phone number to access the relevant process in the NECT app.

6) The SIGN8 process then opens in the NECT app. Click on “Let’s go” and confirm the terms and conditions.

7) Now watch the tutorial for scanning the ID card to the end and follow the app’s instructions. First you capture the front and back of the ID card, then a short selfie video.

8) After NECT has recorded all your data, it will be processed. This may take a few minutes. Please do not close the app, otherwise the process will have to be repeated.


9) If your data could be read out correctly, the following message appears:

10) Now continue on your PC. There you must assign a certificate password. This will be queried in future signature workflows. Also remember to include a telephone number. Click on “Sign now”

11) Congratulations! After you have clicked on “Sign now”, your workflow is completed and you can download your qualified signed document.