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Frau am Laptop, E-Siegel erstellen



Company stamp

Digital document management and signing processes do not work without company stamps. Find out here how to apply for and use electronic seals (qualified and advanced) at SIGN8.

Seal at a glance

What are electronic seals?

Electronic signatures are issued for natural persons. Electronic seals, on the other hand, are for legal persons. You can think of the seal as a digital company stamp.

Seal in your everyday life

Electronic seals can be used in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples:



Seals can be used for applications or requests. (e.g. tax returns, award portals, funding programmes, EPREL)v


Electronic seals can be applied to school certificates or certificates of employment to confirm their authenticity.


Electronic seals can also be used on invoices or other financial documents. This can help prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

This is how easy it is to get your seal


Seal application

You can submit a seal request in the admin area of your SIGN8 account.


We will check your details. We may come back to you if anything is unclear.


Provided that the check has been completed positively, you will receive the seal application from us for signature. After that, you can use your seal.



25,00/ Jahr
  • Examination of seal application
  • Provision advanced seal
  • Provision of qualified seal
  • Sealing teams for the delegation of further persons

Qualified seal

2,50 - 4,00/ pro Siegel
  • Price depending on subscription
  • Qualified level
  • Identification via eID
  • Delegation of authorised persons via the sealing team
  • Valid for one year

Advanced seal

1,60 - 1,90/ pro Siegel
  • Price depending on subscription
  • Advanced level
  • Identification via SMS or phone call
  • Delegation of authorised persons via the sealing team
  • Valid for one year

Do you have any questions?

What is the difference between a seal and a signature?

Seals are issued to companies (legal entities). signatures, on the other hand, to natural persons.

Do I have to apply for the seal again after one year?

Seals are valid for one year. After this year, the seal must be applied for again.

Can seals be used in SIGN8?

Yes, in SIGN8 you can use all types of seals as well as signatures for your signature processes.