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To identify with the AusweisApp, you need

  • A smartphone with AusweisApp installed
  • A valid identity card with activated online function
  • Your PIN associated with your ID card

1) First open the email “Invitation to a workflow – SIGN8” on your smartphone and click on “To workflow”.

2) Log in and confirm your contact details.

3) Now check the document to be signed and click on “Next”.

4) Then select “Continue to the AusweisApp” in the overview of identification methods

5) Once the AusweisApp has opened, click on “Proceed to PIN entry”.

6) Then click on “Start NFC scan”

7) You will then be asked to enter the PIN of your ID card. If you do not know your PIN or have forgotten it, you can request a new one from your local council.

8) After successfully entering the PIN, the NFC scan starts. To do this, hold your ID card to the back of your smartphone at camera height.

Only remove your badge when the message “Scan completed successfully” appears.

9) You will now automatically return to SIGN8. There you must assign a certificate password. This will be queried in future signature workflows.

10) Congratulations! After you have clicked on “Sign now”, your workflow is completed and you can download your qualified signed document.