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Trust Service

Provider as a


Legally binding e-signatures & seals, identification services & authentication services provided for you as a SaaS solution.

Trust Center Infrastruktur as a Service, esignatur, EIDAS, TSP

SIGN8 solutions integrated into your product

You would like to offer trust services integrated in your product?
You do not want to certify yourself and avoid high initial costs?
You are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner?

Legally valid e-signatures & seals

Offer legally compliant electronic signatures and seals, even QES.

With SIGN8 it is possible to offer these services yourself!

Identification Services

You would like to include an identification service into your solution because an identity check is necessary? We provide you with the ready-made solution.

This will allow you to take your solution to the next level!

Authentification Services

Integrate reliable authentication methods into your product to ensure that you and your customers are on the safe side.

Contact us now to extend your product with TSP functions

How does TSP as a Service work?

Trust Service Provider as a Service is designed to integrate SIGN8 trust services into your own product. As a result, the end customer can sign directly through your product, with the signature being processed in the background via an API through SIGN8 infrastructure. With 'TSP as a Service', you not only save a significant amount of time and capital but also eliminate the need to delve into the intricacies of regulation and technical implementation down to the last detail.

That speaks for SIGN8

Many functions

Legally binding e-signatures, seals, identification services or authentication services, SIGN8 provides you with these and more as a certified TSP for your product.

Made and certified in Germany

Developed by German experts, certified and monitored by the Federal Network Agency.


Our systems are checked at regular intervals in internal and external independent audits, including by the Federal Network Agency.


SIGN8 is a certified Trust Service Provider. We can provide you with these Trust Centre infrastructure components as a service provider.

Can be integrated

With our deep technical expertise, we’re here to assist you in seamlessly integrating them into your systems.


Adapt SIGN8 to your needs. With the whitelabelling option, you can adapt the solution to your corporate design.

What does the integration process look like?

Needs analysis

As a first step, we will conduct a needs analysis together with you to precisely understand which components of the Trust Center infrastructure would be beneficial for you and how they can integrate into your product or system landscape.

Contract and service provisioning

Once the needs analysis has been successfully completed, the second step is to sign the contracts to provide you with the services.

Integration into system landscape and customizing

We assist you with the integration into your system landscape and are available for specific customization requirements.

Operation and maintenance

During operation, we take care of system maintenance and ensure smooth operation of the Trust Center infrastructure.


To ensure you can work effectively with the Trust Center infrastructure, we provide you with support that promptly assists you with any questions or issues.

Frau am Laptop, E-Siegel erstellen

Do you have any questions?

How long does the integration take?

The duration of the integration strongly depends on the requirements and existing systems, but a duration of approximately 2 – 4 weeks can be assumed.

Is it possible to use the solutions as a white label?

Yes, it is possible to use “Trust Center infrastructure” as a whitelabel solution. Please feel free to contact us!

What are the costs?

The costs vary significantly depending on the scope of the required solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements in an initial meeting.