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Security for your pocket: SIGN8 Token

Use the SIGN8 token to sign, encrypt or authenticate locally! If you require further information or would like to take a look at our user manual, click here.

Kompatibel Trust Center Infrastruktur eIDAS TSP esignatur SIGN8 deutsch ausweis identity security authentification

Sign documents locally, easily and securely with your SIGN8 USB token!

Would you like to use locally qualified signatures and seals?
Would you like to do without a card reader or other hardware?
Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy partner who is a certified TSP?

Increase digital security

USB tokens provide a physical layer of security so that the risk of unauthorized access to e-signatures and seals can be reduced and confidential documents can be better protected.

Intuitive and simple

The SIGN8 USB tokens are characterized by a high level of user-friendliness. You can easily use the token via the USB port of your device and thus securely access your e-signature applications.

Mobile and flexible

The SIGN8 USB tokens are compact and portable. You can easily take them with you and use them on different devices, which significantly increases flexibility when signing documents electronically.

Benefit from the many advantages of SIGN8 USB tokens for your digital signature processes

Range of functions of the SIGN8 USB token:

Auth Token

Auth tokens, or authentication tokens, are digital keys or codes that are used to verify the identity of a user or a system. These tokens are often generated after a successful login or authentication and are then used to maintain the user’s identity during a session or when accessing protected resources.

Sign Token

Sign tokens are digital identifiers or data structures that are used to verify the authenticity and integrity of information or documents to ensure that data has not been tampered with and originates from a trusted source. Sign tokens work by applying cryptographic techniques to sign or encrypt data. This makes it possible to ensure that the data has not been altered since it was created and that it originates from an authorized entity to enable a secure local signature.

MailSign Token

A mail token, also known as an email security token, is a physical or virtual security device that is used to encrypt emails and ensure the confidentiality of messages, but also to sign emails. These tokens provide additional protection for email communications and help protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Our prices

SIGN8 Local Signing

USB token with qualified certificate for digitally signing documents

One-off € 189.00

SIGN8 Local Auth AddOn

USB token with qualified certificate for secure authentication

One-off €49.00 (plus €189.00)

SIGN8 Local MailSign AddOn

USB token with qualified certificate for signing e-mails

One-off €49.00 (plus €189.00)

SIGN8 Local Seal

USB token with qualified company certificate for digitally sealing documents

One-off 690,00€

SIGN8 Local MassSeal

USB token with qualified company certificate for digital mass sealing of large volumes of documents

One-off €1,490.00

SIGN8 Local MassSeal

Hardware upgrade for better performance

On request

Certificate validity period: 24 months

This speaks for SIGN8


Our systems are checked at regular intervals in internal and external independent audits, including by the Federal Network Agency. This ensures that we provide you with Trust Center infrastructure components of the highest quality.

eIDAS-compliant solution

Purchase a fully eIDAS-compliant, ready-made solution for legally secure local signatures.

Made and certified in Germany

Developed by German experts, certified by the Federal Network Agency, and locally supported

Can be integrated

With our deep technical expertise, we’re here to assist you in seamlessly integrating them into your systems.


SIGN8 is itself a certified Trust Service Provider – on the EU Trusted List. We can provide you with these Trust Centre infrastructure components as a service provider.


Utilize a ready-made complete solution with compatibility with common signature software solutions.



The QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) is used for legal or contractual written form requirements. It is the most secure form of e-signature thanks to its e-Ident procedure and is required for special contracts such as employee leasing contracts, consumer loan agreements and public procurement procedures.


A TSP (Trust Service Provider) is a service provider in accordance with the EU eIDAS Regulation that offers electronic identity and trust services. These include digital signatures and seals to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of electronic documents and transactions.


The eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) provides binding and Europe-wide regulations for electronic interactions and defines, among other things, three different types of signature.