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Electronic signatures and seals are a complex topic. We have summarised the most important questions for you.

Are the signatures legally valid?

Yes, all signatures and seals at SIGN8 are legally valid under eIDAS. In all EU Member States, the legal effects of electronic signatures are defined in Article 25 of eIDAS. Qualified electronic signatures expressly have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures in all EU Member States.

Which signature and seal types does SIGN8 offer?

As one of the few certified providers, SIGN8 allows you to use all signature and seal types. Check out our special offers. We have the right package for every application.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is data in electronic form attached to or logically linked with other data in electronic form and used by the signatory to sign, provided the signatory is a natural person.

Like its handwritten counterpart in the offline world, an electronic signature can be used, for example, to indicate electronically that the signatory wrote the document, agrees with the content of the document or was present as a witness.

If you want to seal a document as a legal entity (e.g. as a company or organisation), an electronic seal might be interesting for you.

What is an electronic seal?

An electronic seal is data in electronic form that is attached to or logically linked with other data in electronic form to ensure its origin and integrity, where the originator of the seal is a legal person (as opposed to an electronic signature issued by a natural person).

What is the difference between electronic and digital signatures?

An “electronic signature” is a legal term defined in eIDAS as follows:

“Electronic signature” means data in electronic form attached to or logically associated with other data in electronic form and used by the signatory to sign” (eIDAS Article 3.10)

A digital signature, on the other hand, refers to a mathematical and cryptographic concept that is widely used to provide concrete and practical examples of electronic signatures. As defined in ETSI TR 119 100, it is data appended to a data entity or a cryptographic transformation of a data entity that enables a recipient of the data entity to prove the source and integrity of the data entity and to protect against forgery, e.g. by the recipient.

These two concepts should be distinguished, as not all electronic signatures are necessarily digital signatures.

What identification methods does SING8 offer?

The identification method depends on the signature or seal level used. For advanced signatures, you can choose between a phone call or SMS for a mobile phone number. For a landline number, only the telephone call is available. In the qualified area, you must identify yourself with the eID function of your ID card.

I don't know the PIN from my ID card!

If you have forgotten your PIN or cannot find the PIN letter that was sent to you after you applied for a new ID card, you can reset your PIN at any time at a Citizen Service Centre (Bürgerbüro). If the online function of your ID card is not yet activated, you can also activate it at a Citizen Service Centre.

You can find the competent authority at

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How is SIGN8 different from other providers?

Unlike other providers, SIGN8 is a certified Trust Service Provider itself. This means that your documents are processed exclusively by us and are not forwarded to third parties.

Can I cancel free of charge during the test phase?

You can cancel your subscription free of charge during the trial period. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can also look at the documentation or write us a message.

Can I overdraw my signature account?

Should you ever need more signatures or seals, you can easily exceed your quota for a small surcharge per signature.

Does SIGN8 offer an API?

Yes, SIGN8 offers a public API. You can find the Swagger documentation here. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.

Can I test the API for free?

You can use the development environment free of charge for an unlimited period. Costs only arise for you on the productive system.

Does SIGN8 support integration?

We would be happy to support you in your project with our experts. For more information on technical services, click here. You can find information on professional counselling here.

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