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Trust Center Infrastructurefor Enterprise

You want to provide FES and QES certificates in a performant and secure on-premises server environment? We provide the infrastructure!

Trust Center Infrastruktur eIDAS TSP esignatur SIGN8 deutsch ausweis identity security authentification

Generate certificates on-premises in a high-performance and secure server environment!

You want to host certificates on-premises in a data center environment?
Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy partner who is a certified TSP?
Are you looking for simple local onboarding processes to quickly provide certificates to your employees?

Legally binding e-signatures & seals

Would you like to be able to provide FES and QES certificates on-premises in a high-performance and secure server environment? We provide the infrastructure!

Compatible and flexible

Already using another e-signature solution? No problem, our solutions are compatible and can be flexibly adapted to your internal processes.

As individual components or complete package

Get a complete plug-and-play solution or just the components you need – you decide!

Use a ready-made complete solution with compatibility to common signature software solutions

How can I generate certificates on-premises with the help of SIGN8?

With the SIGN8 Trust Center infrastructure you have the possibility to create certificates on-premises. To make this possible, we provide you with the infrastructure in parts or as a complete package. This means that we provide you with the server, for example, on which you can then generate the signing certificates locally. This allows you to manage the identities locally.
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This speaks for SIGN8

eIDAS-compliant solution

Purchase a fully eIDAS-compliant, ready-made solution for legally secure local signatures.

Made and certified in Germany

Developed by German experts, certified by the Federal Network Agency, and locally supported


Our systems are checked at regular intervals in internal and external independent audits, including by the Federal Network Agency. This ensures that we provide you with Trust Center infrastructure components of the highest quality.


SIGN8 is itself a certified Trust Service Provider – on the EU Trusted List. We can provide you with these Trust Centre infrastructure components as a service provider.

Can be integrated

With our deep technical expertise, we’re here to assist you in seamlessly integrating them into your systems.


Utilize a ready-made complete solution with compatibility with common signature software solutions.

Trust Centre Infrastructure Technology for Enterprises

The diagram illustrates the individual components of the Trust Center infrastructure from a technological perspective. A simple process flow and an automated onboarding process for new employees are of particular importance.



A QSCD (Qualified Secure Creation Device) is the combination of HSM and SAM.


A SAM (Secure Access Module) is the software module for communication and control of the HSM. The SAM takes over the key management and is addressed by the PKI.


An HSM (Hardware Security Module) is a hardware module for the secure and efficient execution of cryptographic operations or applications. For example, it generates the key pair required for the signature.

Start the first steps

Needs analysis

As a first step, we will conduct a needs analysis together with you to precisely understand your current situation and the goal you are pursuing.

Based on this, we discuss together which possibilities there are for you to provide certificates and which existing business processes should be taken into account in your company.

Contract and provision of services and infrastructure

Once the needs analysis has been successfully completed, the second step is to finalize the contracts to provide you with the required infrastructure and the desired services.

Professional Services

We will take care of all commissioned infrastructure components and services for you, as specified in the needs analysis.

Operation and maintenance

During operation, we take care of the maintenance of the system and ensure smooth operation of the Trust Centre infrastructure.


We manage the operation of the infrastructure we provide and offer you support to quickly assist with any questions or issues.