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Using electronic signatures is a good start. We help you get everything out with our interdisciplinary experts!

We know the challenges

Processual challenges

SIGN8 is an easy-to-use tool. However, the challenges often come up through business processes. We help you to see how SIGN8 can make your processes even more efficient.

The introduction of an electronic signature solution can be a great relief for companies, as they can simplify and accelerate business processes. However, there are also procedural challenges that companies need to consider.

Before SIGN8 is introduced, the various document processes that exist in the company or organisation should first be captured. It is important to analyse the processes and the current workflow in detail to determine where electronic signatures can be used.

The next step is to adapt business processes accordingly to ensure seamless integration of electronic signatures. It is important to design the workflow to meet the needs of the company and its customers. Careful planning and implementation can help maximise the added value of SIGN8 and make internal processes more efficient.

In addition to the adaptation of business processes, the training of employees is also an important aspect for a smooth introduction of electronic signatures and seals. Because only when employees are familiar with the new tool and understand its benefits can they successfully integrate it into their everyday work.

That’s why we are happy to support you both with the integration of SIGN8 and with training, so that you get the most out of SIGN8.

Legal tasks

How do I know which signature or seal level I need for my documents? When do I use a seal and when a signature?

Before documents are signed, it must be clear to the employees which signature or seal level is to be used. In other words – not every document should be signed with a simple electronic signature (EES). On the other hand, you can save costs if you do not use a qualified signature or a qualified seal for every document.

SIGN8 itself does not offer legal advice, but our independent partners will be happy to help you. Drop us a message if we can make the contact.

It’s worth it!

Electronic signatures offer you and your company enormous advantages. Here are some of them:

More contracts concluded

Every fifth company sees a clear connection between the duration of the signature process and the failure to conclude a contract.

Shorter processing times

The average processing time until a contract is successfully concluded was shortened from 75 minutes to 22.5 minutes.

Reduce costs

Total cost of paper-based contracts averages up to €4.98 per agreement. After only 3 months, the solution has already paid for itself.

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We will show you and your staff all the functions of SIGN8 and thus ensure optimal use.

Process optimisation

We show you how to optimise your processes with electronic signatures and seals and thus save money and time.


We examine your process landscape, optimise it and draw attention to possible challenges.

Change Management

Progress only works when people and technology work together. We ensure a smooth transition.