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Which documents can be signed with SIGN8 in the real estate sector?

SIGN8 can be used to sign and manage all documents in the real estate sector – from purchase and rental contracts to building plans or permits.

Can financing contracts also be signed with SIGN8?

With SIGN8’s wide range of e-signatures and seals, all real estate contracts can be processed, signed and managed.

How can SIGN8 further support the real estate industry?

Comprehensive and accurate documentation of real estate transactions with SIGN8 can offer many benefits, both for buyers and sellers and for landlords and tenants, as it can speed up the entire buying or letting process and enable all parties to work more quickly and effectively, saving time and money.

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Critical documents should only be placed in safe hands. SIGN8 as a certified trust service is your right partner for this.

Purchase agreement

Successfully conclude new contracts.

Land register extract

manage easily and securely.

Rental agreement

Conclude rental agreements efficiently.

Transfer protocol

Create and sign comprehensive handover protocols.



Simple processing of financing documents.

Further documents

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Functions that make your everyday life easier

Your own message

Send personalised messages to the recipient about additional backgrounds to the document.

Bulk shipping

Send many simultaneous workflows with just one click.


Request overdue signatures with the automated reminder function.

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SIGN8 in the real estate industry

Electronic signatures have been proven to lead to more contracts being concluded, and are cheaper and more secure than manual, paper-based signature processes.

Electronic signatures and seals can present a number of challenges and opportunities in the real estate sector. One of the biggest challenges is the need to comply with various national and international laws and regulations to ensure that electronic signatures and seals are legally valid.

In addition, integrating electronic signatures and seals into existing real estate processes can be challenging. For example, real estate agents, notaries and banks must be able to accept and validate the electronic signatures and seals.

On the other hand, electronic signatures and seals also offer numerous opportunities in the real estate sector. By using electronic signatures and seals, real estate transactions can be processed faster and more efficiently. This reduces processing times and costs for the parties involved and increases customer satisfaction.

Electronic signatures and seals can also help to increase the security of real estate transactions by reducing the risk of fraud and forgery. By using advanced technology such as biometric identification, electronic signatures and seals can also provide a high level of security and protection.

Overall, electronic signatures and seals in the real estate sector offer a variety of challenges and opportunities. Real estate professionals using this technology can streamline their processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction while providing greater security and protection for their transactions. As a certified trust service provider, SIGN8 has created a secure alternative to manual, paper-based signature processes with its solution.