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Sign documents in a legally secure and DSGVO-compliant manner – only with SIGN8

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Focus on Legal Advice

Can client files also be signed and managed with SIGN8?

Careful and precise documentation of client files is a central focus in legal advice, which can be fully processed with SIGN8.v

Which documents can SIGN8 sign and manage in the field of legal advice?

SIGN8’s e-signatures and seals can be used to sign and manage all documents in the field of legal advice. These documents can, for example, be These can be powers of attorney, contracts, minutes or client files.

How can SIGN8 help to improve the field of legal advice?

SIGN8 facilitates and accelerates signature processes for a wide range of documents, from contracts to client files. As a certified trust service provider, SIGN8 offers maximum security, both during the signature process and in archiving.

We know

your processes

Critical documents should only be placed in safe hands. SIGN8 as a certified trust service is your right partner for this.

Mandate agreement

Successful conclusion of new contracts.

Declaration of consent

Obtain legally secure consents.



Efficiently and securely manage confidentiality agreements.

Declaration of consent

Obtain legally secure consents.

Fee agreement

Simple and fast processing of fee agreements.

Further documents

Talk to an expert about your signature processes.

Functions that make your everyday life easier


Work more efficiently together! Manage your signature processes efficiently in teams.

Single Sign-On

No more tedious entering of passwords! Our single sign-on option provides you with simple automated registration processes.


Set a deadline if important documents and contracts have to be signed before a certain date.

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SIGN8 for legal advice

Electronic signatures have been proven to lead to more contracts being concluded, and are cheaper and more secure than manual, paper-based signature processes.

Electronic signatures and seals have revolutionised legal advice and offer both challenges and opportunities for lawyers and clients. One of the biggest challenges is that electronic signatures and seals are regulated differently in different countries and jurisdictions, which can create some uncertainty for lawyers. Although there is the EU eIDAS regulation, which allows for internal EU standardisation, this can lead to complications for international clients. Moreover, it can be difficult to assess the evidentiary value of electronic signatures in court proceedings.

On the other hand, electronic signatures and seals also offer numerous opportunities for legal advice. They facilitate fast and secure transactions and reduce the cost of printing, mailing and storing paper documents. They also enable faster handling of legal matters and thus provide a competitive advantage for law firms.

Electronic signatures and seals also offer the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction by providing a quick and easy way to sign documents without having to be present in person. This saves clients time and money and allows them to access the lawyers’ services from the comfort of their own homes.

Overall, digital seals and e-signatures offer many advantages for legal services and can improve the efficiency, speed and security of transactions and legal matters. Lawyers who use this technology can gain a competitive advantage and offer their services more quickly and cost-effectively. As a certified trust service provider, SIGN8 has created a secure alternative to manual, paper-based signature processes with its solution.