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Sign documents in a legally secure and DSGVO-compliant manner – only with SIGN8

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Fokus on Finance Sector

What is compliance documentation?

This is a documentation of compliance measures for adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

What does financial reporting cover?

Financial reporting includes, among other things, the documentation of financial data and the reporting of financial performance, cash flow, balance sheet and income statement.

Can SIGN8 also be used for transaction documentation?

Yes, sure! SIGN8 can be used to sign all documents for documenting financial data and reporting on financial performance, cash flow, balance sheet and profit and loss statement, etc.

We know

your processes

Critical documents should only be placed in safe hands. SIGN8 as a certified trust service is your right partner for this.

Credit agreements

Create and manage new contracts quickly.

Securities purchase agreements

Efficient processing of contracts.

Investment agreements

Successfully conclude new contracts.

Powers of attorney

Obtain legally secure consents.

Compliance declarations

Legally compliant and fast processing.

Further documents

Talk to an expert about your signature processes.

Functions that make your everyday life easier

Bulk shipping

Send many workflows simultaneously with just one click.

Password protection

Protect your personal workflows with an individual password for extra strong protection.


Work more efficiently together! Manage your signature processes together in teams – so that nothing gets left undone even on holiday.

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SIGN8 for Financial Services

Electronic signatures have been proven to lead to more contracts being concluded, and are cheaper and more secure than manual, paper-based signature processes.

SIGN8’s e-signatures offer a number of advantages in the financial services sector:

  1. Faster transaction processing: With the ability to sign documents online, financial transactions can be carried out faster and more efficiently. Paper documents no longer need to be sent by post or signed in person, saving time and money.
  2. Cost savings: By using e-signatures, financial institutions can save costs for paper, printing and mailing. The manual processing of paper documents is also eliminated, resulting in savings in document management and archiving.
  3. Improved efficiency: The use of e-signatures can improve the efficiency of financial services by making transactions faster and smoother. The ability to archive documents electronically also facilitates document management and searching.
  4. Higher security: E-signatures generally offer a higher level of security compared to traditional signatures. This is achieved through the use of encryption technologies and digital authentication and verification.