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SIGN8 in the health sector

Sign documents in a legally secure and DSGVO-compliant manner – only with SIGN8

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Focus on Healthcare

Which documents can be processed with SIGN8 in the healthcare sector?

With SIGN8, many documents can be efficiently and accurately created, signed and managed to ensure effective patient care. These include, for example, patient files, documents from quality management or for hygiene and infection control measures.

How can SIGN8 support the health sector in the long term?

With SIGN8 as a digital documentation and administration tool, many processes in the healthcare sector can be digitalised and thus also run faster and more effectively.

What benefits does SIGN8 bring to the health sector?

SIGN8’s digital signatures and seals can bring many benefits to the healthcare sector, not only saving time and money but also enabling faster and easier processing and management of documentation processes – all without paper!

We know

your processes

Critical documents should only be placed in safe hands. SIGN8 as a certified trust service is your right partner for this.

Declaration of consent

Obtain consent in a legally secure manner.

Advance directives

Processes more efficiently.

Data protection


Simple processing of data protection agreements.

Clarification form

Quick management of reconnaissance sheets.

Release report

Efficient handling of discharge reports.

Further documents

Talk to an expert about your signature processes.

Functions that make your everyday life easier


Easily create standard documents with placeholders and process future signatures even faster.

Password protection

Provide your sensitive workflows with a personal password for extra strong protection.


Don’t just send out documents which are to be signed, but entire forms.

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SIGN8 in the Healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector in particular, it is crucial that processes are as secure and trustworthy as possible, while also saving costs and time so that staff can take care of patients. The use of electronic signatures is often the ideal solution here.

Electronic signatures and seals present both challenges and opportunities in the health sector. On the one hand, they can speed up and simplify the work process by reducing the need for manual signatures and physical documents. On the other hand, strict security and data protection standards must be adhered to when implementing electronic signatures and seals in order to ensure the confidentiality of patient data.

The opportunities of electronic signatures and seals in healthcare include increased efficiency and accuracy in documentation, which in turn leads to improved patient care. With electronic signatures, treatment contracts, consent forms and other important documents can be signed quickly and easily, saving time and resources.

On the other hand, challenges must also be overcome. Electronic signatures and seals must be secure to prevent manipulation or theft of patient data. Clear competence and responsibility for the management and supervision of electronic signatures and seals in the health sector must be established.

Overall, electronic seals and e-signatures offer significant opportunities in the healthcare sector that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of documentation. However, challenges can be overcome through careful planning and adherence to security and data protection standards. As a certified trust service provider, SIGN8 has created a secure alternative to manual, paper-based signature processes with its solution.