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Many businesses are still relying on handwritten signatures when processing important documents. Such procedures are error-prone and will lead to increased expenses, less transparency and high processing times. Analog signatures also significantly reduce the probability of successfully concluding a contract, especially with new customers. With SIGN8, we have developed an electronic signature application that solves these problems and more. However, SIGN8 is much more than a pure e-signature solution, but a holistic document management system.

With the release of the latest version, SIGN8 becomes even more powerful and opens up possibilities for users that go far beyond a signature.

These are the key improvements due to the new features:

  • Integration into your systems through an individual WebHook
  • Advanced editing options for your documents with our PDF Editor Extension
  • More transparency of your workflows through our audit report
  • Recipient input fields
  • More compatibility through our new API

Sounds exciting? In the following we explain the individual functions as well as their advantages for you as a user.

Individual WebHook

The new custom WebHook allows users to send workflow data directly to their own systems. Here, when various status changes occur, the SIGN8 system sends the updated workflow data to your system, where you can pick up the data and process it further. For example, you can store documents in your own document repository or update status information in your CRM system.

Advanced PDF Editor

With the extension of our editor, PDF documents in SIGN8 can now be marked up, annotated and images added, for example. In addition, attachments can be created and directly co-signed. With the extension, you can now send out not only simple PDF documents but even fully functional PDF forms for editing and signing. These and more editor functions make your everyday life significantly easier and save you and your company valuable working time.

Audit Reports

What is an audit report?

An audit report is a report on the exact process of signatures. In addition to the sender and receiver, this also contains other important information such as the send date and send time. Audit reports enable complete and transparent documentation of the workflow.

What does this mean for users?

Users can accurately track the signature process through the Audit Report. In addition to the information function, this can be essential in the context of litigation or for compliance documentation in highly regulated industries, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry.

Input fields for the recipients

By creating input fields, additional information can be requested from recipients during the signature process and added to the documents. This added information is automatically integrated into the document after sending, so that other recipients cannot subsequently change the information in the input field.


Through the SIGN8 API, all functions are available to you which are also used with SIGN8. Use it to implement signature processes in your existing systems in just a few steps or develop your own e-signature solution. Extensive Swagger documentation and an interactive Postman Collection are available to you for this purpose.

We are constantly developing SIGN8 and working on new functionalities that make our customers’ everyday work easier. If you have any questions about SIGN8 or suggestions for new features, please feel free to contact us at: