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In a stressful workday, repetitive inputs and lengthy processes often prevent an efficient workflow from emerging. With SIGN8’s e-signature, these manual processes can be significantly shortened and simplified.

However, in addition to the ability to sign contracts and documents quickly and legally securely online, SIGN8 also offers many other functions to make everyday work processes even more efficient, such as the reminder function or sending a document to many recipients at the same time using bulk mailing.

With the introduction of new features, SIGN8 is constantly expanding its own product range, providing users with ever new practical applications that make everyday work easier.

These are the improvements of the new functions at a glance:

  • New editing options for contracts and documents with the advanced PDF editor
  • The creation, signature and sending of forms as a new type of document
  • Quickly send repetitive workflows with the template function

Below you will learn more about these features and their benefits for the user.

Advanced PDF editor

Often with documents to be signed come important attachments. With SIGN8’s advanced PDF editor, such attachments can be added to the documents in your workflow. These are then also automatically signed and thus allow complete tracking of the work process. In addition, this new feature allows text to be highlighted, images to be added, and comments to be left in the file, making it faster and easier to understand even complex content without changing the validity of the document.

Form function

The form function allows the user not only to sign a PDF document, but also to fill it out directly. Recipients can edit selected form fields online and then send it back directly. The system recognizes who has edited the document and locks the fields, so that it is possible to send the document to many recipients and automatically associate the entered data with each recipient. This function can significantly reduce paper consumption and postage costs, as well as the time required.

Template function

Recurring documents, such as data protection statements for employees, do not have to be created anew each time with the new template function, but can simply be created as standard templates in SIGN8 and sent with just a few clicks from the template gallery. Simplify your regular approval processes for yourself and recipients, and free up time to focus on essential tasks.

Supporting our customers’ everyday work is very important to us, which is why we are constantly developing SIGN8 and working on new features. If you have any questions about SIGN8 or suggestions for new features, please feel free to contact us