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SIGN8’s digital signatures are a technical solution made in Germany that offer users real added value.

Due to the ever-increasing amount of data and ever-increasing consumption of resources worldwide, more and more companies are switching to digital processes and management structures. This not only saves costs and resources, but also generates many other benefits, such as a significant reduction in processing times. E-signatures are one such digitization measure that can save companies time and money. There are several providers on the market for this, but not all of them offer the same legal security.

With a selection of different e-signature types, SIGN8 clearly stands out from other competitors and is currently one of the few providers on the market to offer its customers a cross-industry e-signature solution from Germany. Unlike many other providers, SIGN8 stores all data regionally at a server in the EU, so that maximum data protection and availability can be created.

A very important goal of SIGN8 GmbH is the highest possible customer satisfaction, which is implemented primarily through competent English- and German-speaking support. In addition, many descriptive functional videos as well as an extensive Q&A are provided on the website, explaining how to use the application and its various functions.

SIGN8 offers different digital signatures, each of which differs in its legal form requirement and legal certainty: the simple e-signature (EES) for e.g. internal contracts, the advanced e-signature (FES) for e.g. sales contracts as well as the qualified e-signature (QES) for documents such as fixed-term employment contracts. In addition to electronic signatures, SIGN8 will also offer seals in the future that correspond to a digital company stamp. Again, there are two types: the advanced and qualified seal. Qualified signatures are of particular interest here, as SIGN8 will soon be certified for these services by the German Federal Network Agency. This signature type is the only one that replaces handwritten signatures and is also applicable in the case of a written form requirement. This makes SIGN8 one of only a few providers in the whole of Germany that is allowed to offer qualified electronic signatures itself. If you want to take a closer look at each signature type, you can visit to see all the details in comparison.

With the certification by the BNetzA soon, SIGN8 will be included in the EU Trust List (EUTL). The EUTL is a publicly accessible list of the European Union of Trusted Service Providers that officially fulfill the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation on electronic signatures. The German Federal Network Agency adheres particularly strictly to the requirements of eIDAS, and monitoring and control also take place via the German Federal Network Agency. Since SIGN8 is a technical solution “made in Germany”, the application not only fully complies with all security regulations, but also strives for the highest quality in its constantly expanding range of functions. This is intended to make the entire digital contract and document process more efficient and thus offer the user and the company added value in the long term.

If you have any questions about e-signature or SIGN8 in general, please feel free to contact us at: