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A SIGN8 partnership brings your company many benefits and has the goal of generating added value together

Partnerships between companies are important strategic links that bring benefits to both parties. This is because it allows resources to be pooled, costs and risks to be reduced, and business models to be supplemented, while both companies continue to operate independently. Die Partnerschaft selbst kann in vielen Bereichen hilfreich sein und unterscheidet sich in ihrem Einsatzgebiet und dem generierten Mehrwert für beide Partnerfirmen. For example, a research and development partnership makes sense if you want to increase your competitive advantage by sharing resource costs, among other things. In addition, there are many other types of partnerships.

We as SIGN8 GmbH are also aware of the advantages of a partnership and are always open for potential new partners. As a provider of electronic signatures and seals, we offer our partners legally secure and user-friendly digital contract and document processes in just one application. Additional functions, such as the reminder or template function, can significantly accelerate the mostly manual business processes in companies, minimize risks and reduce the costs of implementation. Digital signatures and seals are applicable across all industries and can be implemented in almost any existing system by using our own API. This is particularly important because, due to the constant growth of the market, there are many different target groups for which our partners can offer their customers a legally compliant and flexible solution for e-signatures.

New SIGN8 partners can choose between two different partner models. With a sales partnership with SIGN8 you can offer your customers a secure and user-friendly solution from Germany, while with an implementation partnership you can support your customer in implementing SIGN8 or integrating the SIGN8 API. As a technology partner, thanks to the SIGN8 API, you can integrate our application into your own software and thus extend the performance of your product with secure e-signatures. Basically, however, all partner models have the same advantages:

Expand your range of services or your toolbox by integrating a secure e-signature solution into your software
As a partner we promote your product or service in our network and support you in gaining new customers
We provide you with promotional materials on SIGN8 and digital signatures in general, as well as an extensive free demo environment
Benefit from our know-how and always get all the news first

The advantages of a SIGN8 partnership have also convinced the CRM manufacturer the CRM manufacturer ADITO, which has been a technology partner of SIGN8 since May 2022. By using our “Application Programming Interface” (API), SIGN8 could be easily implemented into ADITO’s CRM system and offer ADITO’s employees and customers digital signatures and seals as an additional range of services. This consists of automated sending of contracts and documents directly from CRM, making it much easier to create, approve and sign invoices, quotes, contracts and more. As this process is independent of time and location, users can be offered the maximum flexibility that is becoming increasingly important in a modern working day.

Legally compliant German solutions for manual signatures are part of every digitization and legal consulting toolbox on the market. Therefore, a partnership with SIGN8 provides all the key requirements and functions that companies from different industries need and can be easily integrated into any system using the API. With SIGN8 you get a partnership at eye level to create added value together.

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