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With a successful eIDAS certification by the Federal Network Agency, one officially becomes a trust service provider. What this means for the SIGN8 user, i.e. you, is summarised below.error

After a long process, we are proud to announce that SIGN8 GmbH is an official “Trust Service Provider” (TSP).error

Our qualified electronic signatures (QES) and advanced and qualified seals have successfully passed all the safety authorities and certification by the Federal Network Agency. Now, in addition to the already familiar simple and advanced electronic signatures (EES, FES), you can also use SIGN8qualified signatures and seals can also be issued and used.

The eIDAS Regulation (electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trusted Service) provides the legal basis for secure electronic trust services* at European level.

In a strict and accurate evaluation and verification process, the Federal Network Agency examines the individual providers in accordance with the eIDAS requirements and decides whether they may become a qualified trust service provider. We, as SIGN8 GmbH, have successfully passed this process and are part of this list of trust services. You can find this list here: eIDAS Dashboard (

With certification according to eIDAS, your qualified signature with SIGN8 is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature 1 and can be used for all documents with immediate effect. Due to the increased security level, it is possible to package documents such as the termination of a contract or the conclusion of a loan agreement with the bank in a workflow (1).

The demand for digital signatures has grown strongly in recent years, but so far there are only very few providers in Germany who can offer a certified qualified signature. The successful certification enables SIGN8 to provide our customers with an even better user experience around our all-in-one application. Besides our electronic In addition to signatures and seals, we also offer many additional functions, such as the template or reminder function. It is also possible with SIGN8 to create templates for specific workflows or to protect very important documents with a password and many more functions (2).

With certified qualified signatures and qualified seals, we offer our users all the possibilities to digitally sign and manage any document without restrictions.errorerror

You want to see for yourself? No problem! Test SIGN8 now free of charge for 14 days:

If you have any questions or comments about the certification or SIGN8 in general, please feel free to contact us at:

1Bundesnetzagentur – Electronic trust services – Qualified electronic signature

2SIGN8 | Diverse functionality for secure digital signatures