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Electronic signatures –

quick, easy & safe

  • 14-day trial version

  • cancellable at any time

  • complete functionality

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Goodbye paper chaos!

Electronic signatures –

quick, easy & safe

  • 14-day trial version

  • cancellable at any time

  • complete functionality

because your signature is worth more

than a piece of paper!

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SIGN8 is designed to make your everyday work easier – through fast, simple and secure signature and approval processes.

  • All e-signature types in one solution: EES, FES & QES*
  • Complete signature processes in just three minutes
  • Sign documents from anywhere
  • Use SIGN8 on any end device – even mobile
  • Simple operation through intuitive user interface

Security first – especially when it comes to your signature

A signature is a confirmation of your identity and consent. Security and legal compliance are essential.

  • Certified according to eIDAS and fully DSGVO compliant
  • Developed in Germany, hosted in the EU
  • Complete encryption of your documents and sealing after signature
  • Comprehensive audit for absolute transparency, archived for 10 years

Process integration – e-signatures thought through further

Why just replace existing processes when you can improve them at the same time?

  • Integrate e-signatures into your existing systems and processes
  • Our Rest API allows an interface to any system – from SAP to Salesforce
  • Save work through automated downloading and archiving of signed documents

All-in-one solution for safety and comfort

Developed in Germany – hosted in the EU

Easy to integrate into your systems and processes

SIGN8 can do that –

All functions at a glance


Obtain signatures in just a few minutes – securely and from any location

  • Obtain secure signatures in minutes – whether simple, advanced or qualified electronic signatures
  • Recipients can sign documents immediately – even without their own SIGN8 account
  • Sign from any location and terminal – whether from home on the laptop or from Capri on the mobile phone


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Security and data protection is our top priority

  • Developed in Germany, hosted in the EU – for ultimate data protection and highest security standards
  • certified according to EU regulation eIDAS and fully DSGVO compliant
  • Secure encryption of your data and sealing of your documents after signature – so that the document cannot be changed after you have signed it.


Tracking, managing and archiving signatures can be so easy!

  • Track the status of your documents in real time.
  • Receive notifications when your documents are signed.
  • Create and edit templates for frequently used forms and documents.
  • Archive your documents securely and centrally for 10 years on our server.


One document, many recipients – no problem with SIGN8!

  • Send a document for signature to a large number of people (e.g. annual health and safety briefings).
  • Track in real time who has already signed and who is missing
  • Send reminders to recipients who have not yet signed – with just one click!


Obtain signatures in just a few minutes – securely and from any location

  • Edit PDFs directly in SIGN8 before sending them out for signature
  • Use our form function to be able to edit PDF forms in SIGN8.
  • In addition to signatures, you can also insert other text fields for recipients to edit, e.g. for personal information such as date of birth or telephone number.


Integrate signatures into your existing processes and systems

  • Streamline your processes and save time and nerves for more important things
  • Send signatures directly from your CRM or ERP – no more jumping around between programmes
  • Automatically load signed documents into archiving folders you specify


Personalise the signature experience – from branding to messaging

  • Professionalise your e-signatures
  • Customise SIGN8 to your corporate design using our whitelabelling feature
  • Personalise messages to document recipients

Frequently asked questions

Are the documents signed with SIGN8 legally valid?

Basically, there are three types of electronic signatures, (1) the simple electronic signature (EES), (2) the advanced electronic signature (FES), and (3) the qualified electronic signature (QES). SIGN8 offers you all three types of digital signatures (see overview). The type of signature that can be used depends on legal or contractual formal requirements. The FES is sufficient in most cases, but only the QES is considered an actual substitute for the written form.

How is the legally binding signature documented?

Since SIGN8 meets all the requirements of a qualified electronic signature, it also documents who made which entry in the document at which time. This information will be provided to you in the form of an audit report. You can download this in conjunction with the signed document in the “My Workflows” area.

How does SIGN8 authenticate my signature?

The authentication method differs based on the type of signature chosen. An FES is authenticated using two-factor authentication, with an SMS sent to the phone number saved in the SIGN8 application. To authenticate the most secure form of electronic signature, QES, the signer must have their identity confirmed using their ID card in a video chat with an identification provider.

    We value your trust when you share your personal information with us. Your data will only be used by us to respond to your enquiry. We always treat your data fairly, respectfully and only for the stated purpose. Revocation of consent to temporary storage of your data is possible at any time. Please read our privacy policy for more information on how we handle your data and how you can exercise your rights.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Visit our offices or send us a message with your inquiry using our contact form below.

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