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I have tried many different PDF Tools for C#, but Aspose.PDF for .NET has always worked really well for me and my colleagues.

In our case, the fast delivery of a trial license allowed me to quickly and easily integrate the solution and start developing and testing. Aspose.PDF for .NET allows me to manage, read, write and manipulate PDFs, but also, and for me most importantly, work with XFDF strings. The ease of integration with my existing project helped me achieve my goals in a few hours.

Especially the aspect that Aspose.PDF’s is also compatible with .NET core convinced me to give it a try. As a result, everything still works smoothly inside a docker container running debian. Another advantage of Aspose.PDF is, that the framework is excellent at handling all file sizes. Both small files of 95kb are no issue, but also files bigger than 10mb can be handled without any performance problems.

As previously mentioned, a big plus is Linux and Docker compatibility, which allows us to run Aspose.PDF .NET on a Linux VM inside a Docker Container running linux aswell. Virtualception! This expands the range of applications enormously, since you can integrate it nearly everyhwere.

Because of using Aspose.PDF I can now save a lot of time, allowing tasks to be completed faster and more efficiently. In addition, it is possible to determine whether content in the PDF is copied, the document is printed or annotations are changed. Furthermore, form fields can be created, altered, edited and modified in any imaginable way!

Also, there is a bookmark function available for easy sorting, so you never lose track. The documentation is worth mentioning in a positive way. You can easily find tons of examples and a easy-to-read documentation. The provided examples are quickly implemented and instantly good to go, which also greatly facilitates the introduction to Aspose.PDF.

It is also possible to convert XSL-FO and XML to PDF. Other supported formats are images, HTML, SVG, PCL, XPS, EPUB or simple text files. Another point is, that Aspose PDF can also be used to merge multiple PDFs into one, or append new pages to existing ones. In addition, Aspose.PDF’s allows quick and easy use of different types of diagrams. Diagrams can be modified on the page as desired. Fast and reliable updates ensure that Aspose.PDF always runs smoothly and is up-to-date with modern requirements. When the PDFs are printed, there are many customization options, including the ability to customize the area, text, font, images and more!

In summary, I can definitely recommend Aspose.PDF for .NET!

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