Questions and answers about SIGN8 and digital signatures

Questions and answers about SIGN8 and digital signatures

General questions about SIGN8

General questions about SIGN8

Can I use Word documents?

Currently SIGN8 offers the possibility to sign PDF documents. Other document types, such as MS Office products that are based on XML, are not currently supported.

I have used up all my signatures / validations for this month. How can I update my quota?

The quota of signatures is intended to be a control measure for you and to enable you to get better conditions through our pricing model. Once you have used up the quota of signatures, the additional signatures will be charged in addition to your subscription. All booked features and functions are available to you at all times without restriction.

How does SIGN8 authenticate my signature?

The authentication method differs based on the type of signature chosen. An AES is authenticated using two-factor authentication, with an SMS sent to the phone number saved in the SIGN8 application. To authenticate the most secure form of electronic signature, QES, the signer must have their identity confirmed using their ID card in a video chat with an identification provider.

Legal questions about digital signatures

Legal questions about digital signatures

Are the documents legally valid?

Basically, there are three types of electronic signatures, (1) the simple electronic signature (EES), (2) the advanced electronic signature (FES), and (3) the qualified electronic signature (QES). SIGN8 offers you all three types of digital signatures (see overview). In most cases, AES is sufficient.

Are there any documents that cannot be signed with a digital signature?

Yes. There are standards that exclude the use of

digital signatures

by law, see e.g. Secetion 623 Sentence 2 BGB (German Civil Code – Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch) as well as contracts requiring form according to Sections 125 et seq BGB, which cannot be signed with a digital signature.

Here is an overview of some concrete use cases.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about data protection?

Our data protection officer will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of data protection. You can reach them via +49 (0)89 / 2153 623 20 or via e-mail

How is the legally binding signature documented?

Since SIGN8 meets all the requirements of a qualified electronic signature, it also documents who made which entry in the document at which time. This information will be provided to you in the form of an audit report. You can download this in conjunction with the signed document in the “My Workflows” area.

Technical questions about the SIGN8 API

Technical questions

How long can I test the API?

When integrating SIGN8 into your systems, you can take the time you need. There are no time limits here.

Can I also use the Testing API productively?

No, the Testing API should never be used in a production system. All signatures are not valid and therefore not legally binding.

More questions?

Do you have further questions about SIGN8 as a product or about how

digital signatures

work in general? Contact us! We are looking forward to your inquiries!

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